District : Chickmagalur

State : Karnataka

Fisheries Department

Chikmagalur district is endowed with abundant inland water resources comprising of big reservoirs, major tanks, minor tanks, irrigation cannals, rivers private owned impoundments which help the fish- eries activity. About 10,880 hectare water apread are is suitable for fish culture with a potential to produce 12,000 metric tones fish..


Fish culture is gaining importance - because , Through fisheries we get more food to cope with the growing population. Fish has high nutritive value. For self employment. It can be taken in saline water logged areas which are otherwise unproductive. For decoration, entertainment & sports. Production is three dimensional. For income generation.

Silk worm rearing is carried out in specially designed sheds.  The worms will produce cocoons in 24 to 27 days.  

Fisheries resources of the District. :-

S No



water Spread Area

1 Major Tanks 84 5700 Hectares
2 Minor Tanks 1765 5100 Hectares
3 Reservoirs 2 11,414 Hectares
4 Irrigation Canales - 38 K.M.
5 Private ponds 1800 200 Hectares
6 Fishermen population 7000 -


Fish seed production centers -
a) Government  07 -
b) Private 03 -
8 Fisheries Co-oerative Societies   07 -
9 Fish Sanctuaries 03 -

The main objective of the department is to take up fish culture through fisheries Co-operative societies , Grama Panchayaths or individual beneficiaries by supplying fast growing fish seeds to achieve an annual production of 7000 metric tones. Fisheries development programmes are being undertaken through Zilla Panchayath and state sector programmes.

Schemes of the Department

Zilla Panchath Schemes