District : Chickmagalur

State : Karnataka






Karnataka industrial area development board has developed an industrial area in the district near Amble village of Chikmagalur taluk.  It is about 7 km from Chikmagalur city.  KIADB has acquired 145 acres of  land out of which 55 acres of land have been developed with infrastructure facilities like roads, drainage and water supply.  Five bore wells have been dug and a ground level storage reservoir of 30000 gallons is constructed.  As far as power supply is concerned, KIADB has installed 4 transformers of 250 KVA capacity each which will get power from rural feeder.  57 Industrial plots measuring from quarter acre to six acres have been formed and ready for allotment in the first phase.

FUTURE PLANS:- KPTCL  has aquired land at Hiremagalur near our Amble Industrial area for establishment of 2*11 MVA substation for supply of power through express feeder. 

District industries centre in association with KIADB  is planning to identify and develop industrial areas in Kadur taluk and other taluks of the district.


Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation has developed two Industrial estates in Chikmagalur district. Viz.,


a) Chikmagalur Industrial estate, Chikmagalur

b) Birur Industrial estate, Birur, Kadur taluk.

a) Chikmagalur Industial Estate:- The total area is 13.20 acres.  In the first phase, KSSIDC  has developed 10 acres.  There are 28 Sheds (C-type-2,D-type-16,SM-type-4 and M-type-6) and 23 plots.  All the sheds and plots are allotted.  KSSIDC has developed infrastructure facilities like road, drainage & water supply.  Power supply is through urban feeder.  There are 4 transformers of 250 KVA capacity each.  Thee is one borewell and one ground level reservoir with storage capacity of one lakh liters.  KSSIDC is developing 3.20 acres of land in the second phase.

b) Biruu Industrial Estate:- The total area of Birur industiral estate is 11.10 acres.  There are 14 sheds and all the 14 sheds are allotted (8 sheds are of D-type and 6 sheds are of C type) KSSIDC  has developed 17 plots and all the 17 plots have been allotted.

The KSSIDC has developed the Infrastructure facilities like roads, drainage, water supply and power supply is through urban feeder.  There are 2 transformers of 250 KVA capacity each.

FUTURE PLANS:- District industries centre in association with KSSIDC is planning to identify and develop industrial estates in Kadur taluk and other taluks of the district.  KSSIDC can think of constructing multi complexes in some of the taluks.

c) POWER:-

The Chikmagalur district si served with power received from Sharavathi Hydro electric project and Bhadra power generating station Chikmagalur electrical division has seven revenue taluks and eight electrical sub dividions.

Chikmagalur district is fed power from Master receiving station Shimoga on 110 Kv and 66 KV transmission lines.  The details of master unit sub stations are shown in Annexure-X.

FUTURE PLANS:- KPTCL  plans to establish sub stations at the following places during 2001-2010.

1.    Establishment of 2*11 MVA sub station at Hiremagalur near our Amble industrial area which in future, helps industrialists of Amble industrial area in getting quality power through express feeder.

2     There are proposals for 110 kV MUSS of 1*10 MVA at Herenallur and Anthrgatta village of Birur sub division.

3.     KPTCL plans to establish  sub stations at Kalasapura, Yagati, Neralakere, Shivani, Muthinakoppa in addition to upgrading few stations, replacing transformers and circuit breakers and providing additional transformers.


A strong banking network is imperative for speedy industrialisation of the of the district.  Chikmagalur district has fairly good banking network.  The per branch ( commercial bank and regional Rural Bank ) population works out to 7600 which is better compared to the national average of 10.135.  Commercial banks with 107 branches, Chikmagalur Kodagu grameena bank with  27 branches and Co-operative Bank, namely DCC bank with 19 branches and PLDB'S with 8 branches are catering to the credit needs of the district.  Specialized institutions like Karnataka State Financial Corporation and Karnataka State Industrial Co-operative Bank have also established their branches.  The details are shown in Annexure-XI.


Chikmagalur district possess 56552 telephone connections, 540 STD booths.  It has 131 telephone exchanges having the capacity of 69188 lines.  There about 160 internet connections.  The taluk-wise breakup of the telephone connections.  STD booths, telephone exchanges and capacity are shown in Annexure-XII.

FUTURE PLANS:- The department of telecommunication is modernizing the facilities to its customers.  Department plans to put up remote switch units to provide with wireless in local loop facilities to rural areas and stable media to all exchanges.  The department is also planning to provide about 2000 numbers mobile phone services covering the whole SSA (secondary switch area ) in the district.  It plans to modernize internet connections through better band width.

f) ROADS:-

In Malnad district like Chikmagalur with inadequate railway facilities, road transport has a crucial role to play in industrial development.  A network of good roads will facilitate easy movement of goods.  The details of roads are shown in annexure-XIII.

FUTURE PLANS:-  The department of public works has plan to upgrade the existing state highways like Tarikere-Belur, Sringeri-Hassan & Kadur-Mangalore to national highway status.

The Department has pans to develop an airport  near Marle village about 10 km from the City.


There has been a significant increase in the number of motor vehicles in the district in recent years.  Karnataka state road transport corporation has a divisional office at Chikmagalur catering to the transport needs of Chikmagalur, Arasikere and Sakaleshpur bys depots.  KSRTC is planning to construct a divisional workshop at Tegur village near our Amble industrial area & has acquired about 15 acres of land.  The different types of vehicles registered with R.T.O. authorities are shown in Annexure-XIV.


Out of the seven taluks of the district, only two taluks viz. Kadur & Tarikere have railway lines.  Other five taluks are without railway connections.  Bangalore-Pune broadguage lone passes through the district.  Important stations falling within the district are Birur & Kadur.  Birur is the junction from where a deviation starts to Shimoga.  The total length of railway line passing through the district is 91 km of which 51 km is in Kadur taluk and 40km is in Tarikere taluk.  There are 11 railway station on this line.

The district headquarter Chikmagalur is not connected by rail.  This is the major infrastructural bottleneck preventing the economic development of the district and has resulted in the isolation of the Chikmagalur city from rest of the state.  However the railway authorities have started laying of railway line between Kadur-Sakleshpur.  At present work is in progress at a slow pace.  So far the works upto 13th km from Kadur is partially completed.  The total length of this proposed Kadur Sakaleshpur railway line is around 94 km at an estimated project cost of around Rs. 96 Crores.  This line passes near Amble industrial area which will boost the activities at Amble industrial area.


Chikmaglur is not served by an airport.  The nearest airport is in Manglore about 150 km from Chikmagalur city.  This aerodrome is provided with all sophisticated facilities like navigational aids, landing aids, control system, ground lifting baggage conveyor belt, lounge, arrival hall and VIP lounge.

FEATURE PLANS:- Consequent to increase in airtraffic at Mangalore Airport, Airport authority of India has decided to construct second run way, resurfacing existing runway, installation of monopulse secondary surveillance radar and expansion of daparture hall.  The dept of public works plans to develop an airport near Marle village about 10 kms from Chikmagalur.


The new Mangalore Port Trust is the nearest port.  Facilities like covered ware houses, container freight station, single window clearance, abundant open space to stock Granite,  Coal,  Coffee, fertilizers, Wheat etc and special facilities for export containerized cargo are available.



Karnataka Housing Board has acquired about 57 acres in Chikmagalur to develop about 285 sites and 510 houses in the coming years.  This would take care of housing needs of workers and other staff of industrial units in the coming years.

b) HEALTH:- 

There are 6 hospitals in our district.  The capacity of the general hospital in Chikmagalur city is 350 beds.  There are 24 private nursing homes.  In our district 52 public health centres 39 public health units are functioning.  There is one Ayurvedic College at Koppa.


At present there is a relay centre of 100 watts capacity at Chikamgalur and Mudigere. The department is installing one more LPT relay centre at Koppa.  All India radio has proposed to set up FM transmission station at Chikmagalur for which 3 acres of land has been acquired at Chikmagalur.  District Industries Centre is planning to utilize the above facilities to reach more budding entrepreneurs / investors by creating awareness through the above media.


Since Chikmagalur comes under Malnad region of Karnataka State, the district receives good rainfall.  Availability of ground water is good and two important rivers Tunga and Bhadra flow through the district and there is no dearth of water for Industrial development in the district.  Geological survey of India has conducted a survey of ground water resources according to which few more borewells could be dug.

At present the requirment of water in Chikmagalur city is around 22 lakh gallons per day.  Presently this is going met from Hirekolale tank, Honnammanagalla and borewells/mini water supply scheme.  Chikmagalur city municipality is planning to get water permanently from Yagachi reservoir back water.  So that the people would get around 135 liters per day / person with in next 2-3 years.


In Chikmagalur district there is no solid waste management at present.  At present the waste is dumped at Kuruvangi village 8 kms from town through labour contractors.  A place 13 kms away from town i.e. near Marle village has been identified for dumping solid waste and for suitable disposal there after.  It is also felt that incineration facility centre may have to be established at the appropriate places.  Efforts may be made not only to dispose of the waste but also to convert this to useful materials for useful purposes.


Kuvempu university came into existence on 29-6-1987.  At present there are 24 post Graduate Departments.  In addition to regular post Graduate Courses other important courses relevant to industrial development that are being offered are Bio-technology Environment Science, Industrial chemistry, Business administration & Computer applications.

District industries centre in association with University is planning to conduct entrepreneurs awareness programmes, industrial counseling in some of the important colleges of our district in the coming years.



a) Engineering:- Adhichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, Chikmagalur conducts degree courses in mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering computer science engineering, Industrial production engineering, Environmental engineering, Information science and technology, Electronic & communication engineering and Civil Engineering.  The capacity of the college is 520 candidates.

b) Polytechnic:-

i)    Adhichunchanagiri Polytechnic, Chikmagalur:- This Polytechnic offers Diploma Courses in Electronics and Communication and Computer Science and has an annual intake capacity of 90 candidates.

ii)    D.A.C.G. Polytechnic, Chikmagalur:- This Polytechnic offers Diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Machanical and Automobile Engineering. It has an annual intake capacity of 200 candidates.

iii)   S.J.M.M. Vidyapeeta Polytechnic, Birur:- This Govt. Polytechnic offers Diploma courses Civil Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering.  It has a capacity of 60 candidates.

c) Industrial Training Institutes:-

The following are the Industrial Training Institutes in the District.

        1. Govt., Chikmagalur,

        2. Govt., Industrial Training Institute, Kadur,

        3. S.D.M. industrial Training Institute, Samse, Mudigere Taluk

        4. S.J.R. Industrial Training Institute, Balehonnur, N.R.Pura Taluk

        5. S.J.M. Industrial Training Institute, Birur, Kadur Taluk

        6. Karnataka Industrial Training Institute, Chikmagalur,

        7. Lakshmisha Industrial Training Institute, Devanoor, kadur Taluk.


The addition to the technical institutes, there are good number of primary school, high school & Colleges in Chikmagalur District, besides one Ayurvedic College.  The details are shown in theAnnexure-IX.


Artisan training Institute and District Industrial Training Centre

Artisan training institute in Chikmagalur imparts training in three crafts Viz. Carapentry, blackmith & rattan.  The intake capacity is 15 candidates for each craft.  District industrial training centre is located at A.T.I.'s premises.  It proposes to impart training in carpentry, general engineering, rattan, electric wiring and automobile.

Corporation Bank Self Employment Training Institute (COBSETI)

Corporation Bank self emplyoment training institute imparts training to unemployed youths in the activities namely motor rewinding, photography, television, radio repairs, dress designing for women, beautician, electric appliances repairs, screen printing, generator repairs, sericulture and dairy. At present COBSET is functioning in a rented building.  It has acquired one acre of land near health office, km road Chikmagalur.  Directorate of industries and commerce has sanctioned a sum of Rs. 20 lakhs towards establishement of a permanent training institute.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka ( COBSETI)

CEDOK has its head office at Dharwad.  The District training officer of Hassan  district is also looking after Chikmagalur office.  Enterpreneurship training is being imparted to prospective entrepreneus and PMRY candidates.  The services of a district training officer exclusively for Chikmagalur district is required.



This institute has been recognized as an international centre of excellence for training in coffee culture.  This institute is being managed by coffee board of India since 1946.  It has collaboration with other coffee institutes of the world, universities in India & abroad.  This institute has celebrated platinum jubilee during the year 2000.


The Krishi vignyan kendra, Mudigere was established in the year 1985.  This kendra conducts training courses in the activities like fruits and vegetables preservation, improved method of compost making, vermiculture, preparation of bakery products, mushroom cultivation, nursery raising technique in horticultural crops, sericulture, poultry, dairy, beekeeping, soft toys etc.