District : Chickmagalur                 

State : Karnataka

District Library

The origin of district central library at Chickmagalur dates back to 1911 from which time the old Coronation Reading Room was functioning in the town hall at Chickmagalur.  In 1928, a seperate committee was constituted to run this reading room and a library. The district board, the town municipality and the government jointly undertook responsibility of maintaining it.  In commeration of the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the rule of Sri. Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV in 1928, the people of the district built a monument called Silver Jubillee Buildings in which the Coronation Reading Room was located. Consequently, from 1931, the library came to be called as Silver Jubilee Public Library. When the district board was abolished, there was a period of decline for this library.  The Chickmagalur Municipal Council and the education departments were giving grants to maintain it.  After the constitution of a Local Library Authority for Chickmagalur district in 1970, the library was taken over by the state department of libraries in 1971.  Since then it has been converted into Sri krishna Rajendra District Central Library.

Daily about 1000 people visit district library to make use of it. The library is under the charge of a Chief Librarian assisted by an Assistant Librarian, four Library Assistants and two helpers.  It has 9 branch libraries in the distict one each at Tarikere, N.R. Pura, Kadur, Sringeri, Mudigere, Koppa, Ajjampura, K.Bidare and Balehonnur.  All these libraries are functioning under the control of department of libraries.  The particulars of these libraries are given in the following table.

District Branch Libraries in Chickmagalur district

List of  rare reference books in the Library

The District Library has got a museum also. It is one of its kind and first Museum in the District Library in the Karnataka State.

Other Important Libraries in the District

The library of Sringeri Matha, called the Saraswathi Bhandara, is the oldest library in Chickmagalur district.  It was enriched by additions of scholarly works on religion, philosophy, literature etc. from time to time.  Sri Narasimha Bharathi Swamigalu I (1389 - 1408 AD) appointed Puranika Kavi Krishna Bhatta of Sringeri, a learned man, to attend to manuscripts and to preserve them in a proper way.  Latter his son Shankara Bhatta seems to have held this office.  This well known library has been regarded as a very valuable one. Some editions of ancient works on Astronomy, Medicine and Dharma - Shastras were borrowed from here by the Mysore Palace during the reign of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III and they were compared with those at the Mysore Palace Library. As in 1980, this library contained about 500 palm-leaf manuscript ( thale-patra granthas ) ,  2500 paper scripts ( hasta likhitha granthas) and 4076 printed books.   The library is now housed in newly built spacious hall on the second floor of the premises of Shri Sharada Temple. It is under the charge of a librarian who is a Samskritha Vidhwan.  The library of the Praudha Vidya - Vardhini Sanskrit College at Banagalore and the library attached to the temples at Kalady in Kerala state are the branches of Sringeri Matha Library.

The library of Shri Rambhapuri Matha is also an old one.  It contains Samskritha collections on Rigveda - Samhitha, Skanda Mahapurana and Shri Shiva Rahasya.

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