District : Chickmagalur                 

State : Karnataka


Information and Publicity

The department of information   is  working in Chikmaglaur  since 1995 in its own building  adjacent    to  Deputy  Commissioner's  office. As the very title   i.e.  " Information  & Publicity  Department "  indicates  the main purpose  functions of the department. Its main activities is to educate the public,  that to those who live mainly  in rural areas regarding the plans, programmes launched by the  Government,  both  State, Central Government, for the  welfare of the common people. This is  being  done by publishing the  information  in the  media like daily newspapers,  All  India  Radio and TV act.,

The Department has a mobile van with  L.C.D. projector.  It tours at least 15-20 days in a month.  Mainly in Rural areas and arranges exhibitions documentary film show etc., and there by creates awareness among the common people. It also distributes the periodicals and other posters, banners published by the Central Office like  " Janapada " - A Kannada monthly magazines and " March of Karnataka " in English.

The department participate in almost all programmes arranged  by Government offices, public and other VIP's function the District and  Collects the News and Information for the publications in local and other leading  State level Papers, A.I.R., TV.

The department also provides  its vehicles to the press reporters to enable them to attend the public meetings and functions of  Minister's, Political Parties etc.,  in the District. It also  acts as an agent between  the  public and the Government  The public grievances will be made  to reach the Government  and concerned  ministers.The   department ha got a library of its on in the office premises and public can make use of this during working days.

In addition to the routine work the department undertakes a comprehensive propaganda, twice in a year thereby creates awareness in the public about the developmental programmes of different Govt. departments.

In view of converting 'VARTHA BHAVAN' into Community Hall, Cultural Activities are being conducted under "SAMSTAVITI-SAMRUDHI" programme. In addition to this, maily in rural areas, the department helping to reach the Govt., plans & programmes regarding the agricultural, horticultural schemes and its developments through the media like, drama, music and other activities.


During the "Golden Jubilee Anniversary of India's Independence day ( 50 Years of Independence ) ie., in 1997 the department had arranged an unique program under the title " A MEMORY OF 50th" enlighted among the students in more than 100 schools the incidents occured before independence. Through such persons who personally involved in the struggle for India's Independence. During this current year 2000-2001, the department has launched a programme "Millenium - A thought" & there by create awareness amon the students.

In addition to the district information office at District Headquarters in Chickmagalur, there is an Asistant Director's Office at Tarikere also.

Important Daily/Weekly Newpapers

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