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        The revenue administration is the object of the department.  The following services are available to the general public in the taluk.

(a) Maintenance of record of rights pertaining to the agricultural lands.

(b) Issuing of copy of records sof rights

(c) Recovery of land revenue and other government dues

(d) Grant of available government lands as per rules

(e) Controlling and distribution of essential committees under P.D.S.system

(f) Enforcement of social security schemes such as Old Age Pension, Physically handicapped pension, Destitute Widow Pension etc.,

(g) Proposal for and payment of compensation under Natural Calamities.

(h) Issuing of Caste and Income Certificates.

The Departmental activites are already notified under Karnataka Information Rules 2000 and 2002 vide this office notification No.P.G.O. (Information Right) 11/04-05, dated 05-11-2004

2. Schemes that are implemented through the Department/Subordinate Departments

The provision of the following enactments are being implemented through the department and subordinate departments.

(1) The Karnataka Land Revenue Act-1964

(2) The Karnataka Land Revenue Rules-1966

(3) The Karnataka Land Grant Rules-1969

(4) The Karnataka Land Reforms Act-1961 and Land Reforms Rules-1974

(5) The Karnataka Oldage Pension Rules-1966

(6) The Karnataka Physically handicapped persons maintenance allowance Rules-1977

(7) The Karnataka Destitute Widow Pension Rules-1984

(8) Essential Commodities Act-1955

(9) Reservation order S.W.L. 225 B.C.A. 2000, and the Presidential Order 1950

3. The Rules to be followed to get the benefit under the Schemes

        To avail the benefit under the schemes, the major citizen in the taluk are to be required to file an application as prescribed form.

4. Details of forms prescribed under the rules

        The forms and procedures of the departmental schemes are notified under the citizen charter issued vide letter No. RD 80 S.A.M.A.V.I. 2002, dated 20-05-2003

5. Particulars of time limit of the schemes

The schemes stated supra are still in force.