District : Chikmagalur                 

State : Karnataka

Introduction :

    The Regional Research Station, Mudigere was initially established in the year 1957 by the erstwhile Goverment of Mysore under the State Department of Agriculture, with the financial assistant from ICAR to encourage research on Cardamom. In the year 1963, the station was transferred to the State Department of Horticulture, and later in the year 1965, to the University of Agriculture Sciences. Research on other Horticultural crops was initiated in the year 1966.

    The Campus is situated at a distance of 3 K.M.S. west of Mudigere town and on the way to Belur. The Altitude of the campus is 980 M Mean Sea Level (MSL) with the Latitude of 13o North and Longitude of 74o E. The campusincludes teaching, research, KVK and Extension unit. The Campus represents hill zone (Zone-9) of Karnataka and actively involved in Horticulture teaching, research and extension. The zone has unique agro-climatic features with undulating topography having mostly red sandy to sandy loam soil. The mean annual rainfall is 2400 mm with mild climate throughout the year.

    An All India Coordinated Research Project on Spices and Cashew was started in the year 1971, as one of the five coordinating centres by the ICAR and further intensified research on Cardamom was taken up. The research work on the other horticultural crops viz., Mandarin, Lime, Banana, Pine Apple, Coffee, Vanilla, Pepper and Cahew were also initiated. Later on in the year 1981, under the national Agricultural Research Project, the station was further strengthened by adding staff, equipment and other farm machinery since then, Paddy has been included as one of the mandatory crops for research. Besides, Cardamom, other horticultural crops and spices crops were also included the mandate of the station. The deficiency in the NARP Phase-I, waas rectified in the second Phase of  NARP, which came into operation from 1989. Two Agricultural Research Stations one each at Ponnampet and Madikeri in Kodagu District, fall under the administrative control of the Regional Research Station, Mudigere.

    The Regional Research Station has an area of 178.54 H.A. Out of this total area, 46.79 HA have been transferred to the College of Horticulture, Mudigere. In the remaining area of the station, paddy, plantation and other horticultural crops are being raised. Cardamom is an important crop followed by Sapota, Coffee, Pepper and Guava. Research work on Paddy, Caramom, Spot Mango, Rubber, Cashew, Pepper, Mulberry, Watershed Management, Farm Forestry, Inland Fisheries and Pulses is going on. A full-fledged College of Horticulture is also functioning on the campus. The RRS scientists have additional responsibility of teaching as well.

Staffing Pattern :

    The station is headed by the Associate Director of Research. There are 10 Associate Professors, 8 Assistant Professors and 4 Research Assistants working in the department of Plant Breeding & Genetics, Horticulture, Agronomy, Agriculture Entomology, Plant Pathology, Crop Physiology, Agricultural Engineering, Soil Science, Inland Fisheries and Agricultural Extensions. There are 33 supporitng staff and 42 farm labours working in the station. The Senior Farm Superintendent manages the farm section.

Expertise available at RRS, Mudigere

Sl.No. Name of the Scientists Designation
1 Dr. N. Nagaraja Associate Director of Research
2 Dr. H.M.Chandrappa Professor of Plant Breeding
3 Dr. K. Manjappa Associate Professor ( Inland Fisheries )
4 Dr. M. Syed Anwarullah Associate Professor ( Agronomy )
5 Sri C. Ramachandra Senior Farm Superintendent
6 Sri L. Arasumallaiah Pathologist
7 Sri R. Venkatappa Associate Professor ( Extension )
8 Sri N. E. Thyagaraj Associate Professor ( Entomology )
9 Dr. V. V.Belavadi Assocaite Professor ( Entomology )
10 Dr. Y. G. Shadakshari Associate Professor ( P B )
11 Sri K.S. Sheshagiri Associate Professor ( Horticulture )
12 Dr. Jayaraj Associate Professor ( Inland Fisheries )
13 Dr. M. Dinesh Kumar Assocaite Professor ( Agronomy )
14 Sri V. R. Vinod Associate Professor ( SWCE )
15 Sri K. V. Shiv Kumar Associate Professor ( Crop Physiology )
16 Sri M. Narayana Swamy Associate Professor ( Plant Breeding )
17 Dr. D. Madaiah Associate Professor ( P H T )
18 Sri D. Thippesha Technical Assistant to ADR/Assistant Professor ( Hort)
19 Dr. P. Venkatesha Murthy Associate Professor ( Hort. )
20 Sri M. Thimmarayappa Research Assistant
21 Sri A. V. Swamy Research Assistant
22 Sri Mahadevaiah Research Assistant

    Availability of Good Quality Planting units/seeds/seedlings/grafts at the Regional Research Station, Mudigere.

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Chikmagalur District.

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