Superintendent of Police

Superintendent of Police Office


For the District administration convenience the entire division has been divided into 3 sub-divisions.  Each sub-division is being headed by the Deputy Superintendent of Police.  Again each sub-division has been divided into Police Circles.  Each circle is being headed by Circle Inspector of Police.  Under each circle Police Stations functions.  Each Police Station is headed by Police Sub-Inspector (PSI),assisted by Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), Head Constables (HC) and Police Constables (PC).  Recently some town Police Stations have been upgraded with Police Inspector as SHO of the Station.  These are under the direct control of Deputy Superintendent of Police of respective sub-divisions.

Administrative structure: The Deputy Commissioner is the functional head of the District. There are various officials both at the district and at the taluk levels to assist him. They include Assistant Commissioners, Tahsildars, Deputy tashildars,Seristhedar, Revenue Inspector, Village Accountants, etc.


Sri. K Annamalai I.P.S

Superintendent of Police

Additional Superintendent of Police

K.T. Tilakchandra K.S.P.S

Ravindranath Jagirdhar

J. Tirumalesh

Deputy Superintendent of Police,

Chickmagalur Sub-Division

Deputy Superintendent of Police,

Koppa Sub-Division

Deputy Superintendent of Police,

Tarikere Sub-Division

3 Sub-Divisions
9 Circles
28 Police Stations
2 Out Posts


DISTRICT RESERVE POLICE : : District Reserve Police is directly under the control of the Superintendent of Police and the same is being supervised by the Reserve Police Inspector. The RPI is also the incharge of Police Motor Transport.

ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE : Superintendent of Police is the Chief of Police administration in the District. He is being assisted by the Additional Superintendent of Police who assists the Superintendent of Police in crime and traffic matters. In establishment and accounts matter, the Superintendent of Police is being assisted be the Assistant Administrative Officer. For the administrative convenience the office has been divided into different sections and different wings as follows.

1) Establishment Section: This section deals with the service matters of the entire district force. This section is under the supervision of a section superintendent assisted by First Division Assistants (F.D.A) and Second Division Assistants (S.D.A).

2) Accounts Section:-This section deals with the drawing of pay and allowances to the entire district force and other matters related to accounts. This section is under the supervision of a section Superintendent assisted by F.D.A's and S.D.A's.

3) Crime Section and D.C.R.B.: This section of deals with the maintenance of crime records and correspondence and furnishing of reports and information about crimes. The section is under the supervision of a police Inspector assisted by both ministerial and executive staff.

4) District Special Branch: This section deals with a collection of advance information about the activities of the different section of the society and inform the local Police in advance about the precautionary measures to be taken to check the occurance of untoward incidents and also deals with the providing of security arrangements to the VIP's and VVIP's. This section is under direct supervision of S.P. who is assisted by Police Inspector with Head Constables and Police Constables. This section is very important one and is called as ears and eyes of S.P of a District.

5) District Crime Intelligence Bureau: This branch is under the supervision of police inspector assisted by Head Constables and Police Constables. It collects the Information about the Social evils like gambling, matka, illicit liquors etc., and conduct raids on the direction of the Superintendent of Police. Other then the above branches and sections there are branches like Finger Print Bureau and district scientific Aid Unit which will help in the detection of the crimes.

6) Police Control Room: For communication there is Police Control Room at the headquarters which functions under the supervision of Police Inspector (W), assisted by PSI's(W), ASI's(W), HC's(W) and PC's(W). This is the nerve centre of district police and communicates with other units as well as to the state Police headquarters. For immediate contact of Police for the emergency Assistance Telephone Number - 100 has been provided in the district control room to which any one can dial with free of cost.

SUB-DIVISIONS & STRENGTH OF POLICE : A>. The table below shows the information of sub-divisions, circles and Police Stations in Chikkamagaluru District.


Deputy Superintendent of Police, Chikkamagaluru Sub-Division

CPI, Mudigere

PSI Mudigere
PSI Balur
PSI Gonibeedu
PSI Banakal

CPI, Chikkamagaluru Rural

PSI Aldur
PSI Rural
PSI Mallandur

CPI, Chikkamagaluru Town

PSI Basavanahalli
PSI Town
PSI Traffic

DC Office Automation : Various packages have been developed to automate the processes like DCB, Accounts, Salary Processing, Generalling, Election Pre-Poll and Post-Poll activities, RMIS, Record Room Activities, etc in Deputy Commissioner's Office.

Where should be contacted for what ?

People come to the district level office with variety of grievances and most of the time people don't know whom to contact and how often need to contact to get his/her work done. Here is a bit of useful information ..