Zilla Panchayat receives funds from the state government and the central government for running the development administration and implementation of different development schemes. The zilla panchayat does not have independent sources of revenue/taxation. The funds received can be classified into



Plan funds for state schemes and non-plan funds are released in a monthly basis to zilla panchayat, drawn and kept in a specially created zilla panchayat fund.The funds for centrally and centrally sponsored schemes are usually released on quarterly or on half yearly basis. For the zilla panchayat schemes, the ZP re-releases the funds to the implementing departments. For the implementation of taluk panchayat and gram panchayat schemes, funds are released to them by ZP.

PLAN FUNDS : These funds are received both from state and central government for execution of development schemes and creation and maintenance of new infrastructure. The execution of central and centrally sponsored schemes is to be executed within the plan budget. This includes the funds under development schemes like JGSY, IAY, WGDP , SGSY which in some other states are executed by the DRDAs.

Similarly, the execution of Special component plan(SCP) for welfare of scheduled castes and Tribal sub plan for welfare of scheduled tribes is included in this budget. The operation and maintenance of schools, hostels and residential schools which are newly created is also done under the plan budget. Execution of new works under water supply, minor irrigation, and roads is also done under plan funds.

The financial allocation in respect of centrally & central sponsored schemes to the overall state plan support for the district is fixed by the government on the basis of :

  • Population

  • Backwardness, as determined by number of specified criteria.

NON-PLAN FUNDS: Non-plan budget is provided for the committed expenditure for  different institutions within zilla panchayat and maintaining infrastructure created since inception. About 75% of non plan allocation goes towards salaries of personnel working different departments, the bulk of it being that of teachers in education department. Apart from salaries , the maintenance of roads, irrigation tanks , certain buildings, maintenance and feeding charges for non plan hostels, residential schools is also included in this budget. Some amount is also earmarked for purchase of drugs to rural health institutions.

EXTRA BUDGETARY RESOURCES: Unlike plan and non-plan funds, which are determined at the beginning of the year, the extra budgetary resources are released by the state government and other agencies for execution of their schemes depending on fund availability at their end. Prominent among extra budgetary resources are funds for implementation of rural housing schemes like Ashraya, Dr.Ambedkar housing, Rural sanitation, and state sector funds for school room construction and repairs.